Within 3 days, calamity shall befall you. There's no need to understand, a mere 81k, and it's possible to change your fate and avoid disaster.

— Yao Jingnü

Yao Jingnv is a character in IDOL∞INFINITY and the leader of the idol unit Danqing.

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A lady who is proficient in the art of fengshui and fortune telling, she is very accurate in divination. Her way of speech is extremely profound/mysterious, and people are unable to grasp the finer details as a result.

Everyday, she often has business, and is very particular about her food, clothing, and expenses. She constantly brings around a large chicken as her fortune telling assistant.[1]

Story Edit

EP6. Seems Like I've Joined a Ridiculous Club Edit

Jingnv sent Feng Yasong to find members to join her idol club. He brought both Zhuo Jue and Tian Zhiqing, though at different times. Jingnv called it a fated encounter, but Jue noted that she just followed the chicken. When Jue pondered about the purpose of a club with a traditional Chinese theme, Jingnv says their fated purpose is to be idols. While Zhiqing and Jue talk, Jingnv and Feng Yasong laughed evilly behind them.

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  • Her name is tough to pronounce as "ü" is a sound that doesn't exist in english.
    A close approximation of "nü" would be the "nu" of "nuance".
  • Jingnv, along with Chi Xiaoxiao, are the only unit leaders to not appear in EP1. Let's Start a Band?!.

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