My time is very precious, I can't waste it on homework!

— Wu Xiaowei

Wu Xiaowei is a character in IDOL∞INFINITY and the leader of Year 5 Class 6.

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A 10-year-old primary schooler. Wu Xiaowei is savings minded and quite influential at her school. She speaks quite eloquently, making her think she should act like an "adult". In order to become wealthy and famous, she works hard day and night.[1]

Story Edit

EP1. Let's Start a Band!? Edit

Xiaowei, among a few other unit leaders, makes a cameo at the end of the comic when Jiang Jingjing talks about being on the same stage as MOMOCA. She seems to be causing mischief but her face is obscured, since at the time her identity was not revealed yet.

EP5. I, Wu Xiaowei, Shall Accomplish Great Feats! Edit

Year 5 Class 6 started when Xiaowei and Liu Siyuan decided to become idols and needed members. Xiaowei lured Li Xueyang and Chen Zigui to their location with a Princess Fiora toy and doughnut respectively. She told the two that they can only get the items if they become idols, which caused Siyuan to smack her with a book and demanded her to be nice. Xueyang rejected the item, since she considered taking the item as stealing, but joined anyways. Zigui ate the donut, and Xiaowei declared everything was done on her end; with the unit completed, they take a celebratory selfie together.

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  • Xiaowei is one of the two characters so far with a known social media account, but unlike ii's hers does not exist as an real-life social media account, just shown off in the Year 5 Class 6 comic. The name of the account is ✨vivi酱💎要做女王💅✨
  • Xiaowei and Siyuan's cameo in EP1. Let's Start a Band?! predates their proper reveal by almost a month and a half. [2][3]

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