CatsMint is an idol group in IDOL∞INFINITY. It stars three young adult idols: Chi Xiaoxiao, Pan Ziyang, and Zuo Anji.

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CatsMint started with Xiaoxiao inviting Anji into become an idol. Anji did not answer at the time, but some time later she decided to go to a live show. There Xiaoxiao introduced Anji to Ziyang, a police woman who is well-versed in dance. Xiaoxiao then tells Anji that it is up to her now whether to join or not. Anji was intimidated by Ziyang's looming presence, which was cemented when she called Anji too fidgety to perform on stage. This caused Anji to melt down, blaming herself for enraging Ziyang and considering herself unfit to be an idol. After Xiaoxiao tried to console her, Ziyang told Anji that she had changed her mind, telling Anji that she must join. At that moment, Xiaoxiao declared that CatsMint was formed, much to the bewilderment of Anji and indifference of Ziyang.[1]

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